Who We Are

EmpoweredProfessionals are a Team of Professionals who are Specialists and Leaders in their disciplines of work.

At EmpoweredProfessionals our Professional Team assist fellow professionals and organizations, by transferring their in-depth knowledge and creating innovative functions and platforms to empower and build skills and confidence to accomplish a fast-track route to career and professional advancement.

Our Services Are Offered to the Following Targeted Groups :

  • Corporations
  • Not for Profit Organizations
  • Government Organizations
  • Professionals
  • Students & New Graduates
  • New Immigrants to Canada

We Provide The Following Services:

  • Professional Linkz– Online Professional Video Series conducted by independent professionals, business owners, subject experts and leaders.
  • Professional Blog– Professional leaders, specialists and business owners offer their expertise to assist other professionals to succeed in their professional category.
  • Online Academy  – Individual online training school geared towards professionals to learn and grow their skills and knowledge with subject matter experts.
  • Workshops– Our online & face-to-face workshops cover variety of coaching and training topics for small or large corporations, not for profit and government organizations, students, new graduates or newcomers to Canada.
  • Seminars – Professional subject experts share their knowledge online and face-to-face on fundamentals, innovation, solutions and ideas on major industries.

Our Mission

Our Professional Team of Specialists & Leaders at EmpoweredProfessionals To Share Knowledge With Fellow Professionals to Assist Them to Succeed in Their Field of Work in Order to Carry Out Their Services For The Benefit of The Society.

Our Vision

Leaders & Specialists At EmpoweredProfessional Aspire Our Fellow Professionals to Be in Par With Centers of Excellence Recognized Globally.

Supporting Partners