Join Our Professional Team

If you are a professional who is a specialist or a leader in your field of work and like to share your knowledge with other fellow professionals we welcome you to join our team of Professionals at EmpoweredProfessionals.

How you can offer your services:
– Teach a Course
– Conduct a Workshop or Seminar

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How To Join Our Team of Professionals

Contact Us To Get Started:

We seek professionals from specialized areas who have experience, skill and passion for teaching in the following fields:
• Accounting & Finance
• Business
• Education
• Food & Beverage
• Government & Not for Profit
• Healthcare & Beauty
• Hospitality
• Information Technology
• Immigration
• Language & Communication
• Project Management
• Real Estate

Please email is at and send us your cover letter, resume and company information.

We thank you for your interest.
Management Team at EmpoweredProfessionals

At EmpoweredProfessionals Our Passion is to Help Professionals succeed.

Our team of professionals will be working as  part-time contractors sharing  skills and knowledge with clients.

Management at EmpoweredProfessionals work closely with our professional team and provide the following services:
1. Provide a platform for our professionals to conduct their programs online and/or onsite.
2. Advertise programs to attract clients.
3. Handle administration of the programs so that our professional team only has to concentrate on teaching or sharing their skills and knowledge.
4. Pay an application market fee for the services rendered.
5. Communicate with the professional team to share ideas on how they could improve their programs and attract more students to their programs.
6. Be there to assist our team solve any issues to help them provide their services effectively and efficiently.