How Do You Offer A Workshop or Seminar Partner With Us To Reach A Wider Audience!

If you are a professional who is a specialist or a leader in your field of work or a business owner and like to share your knowledge with other fellow professionals and other business owners we welcome you to join the team of professionals.

You Can Offer a Training By:

– Conducting A Seminar
– Conducting A Workshop

Difference Between A Workshop And Seminar:


Hands-on In-person or Online training which includes group training material.

May last half a day, full day or up to 3 days


 Online or Onsite Presentation.

May last 1-2 hours.

How You Benefit By Joining The Professional Team:

By Offering Seminars or Workshops at EmpoweredProfessionals You Will:

-Partner With EmpoweredProfessionals:

Grow & Diversify Your Network By Partnering With Us.

-Live Stream A Free Seminar Or Workshop on Multiple Platforms:

We Will Help You Live Stream On Multiple Platforms To Create an Interest for Participants to Join Your Paid Trainings.

-No Upfront Costs:

No Hidden Fees. We Only Get Paid When We Get Sales From The Training.

-Earn An Income:

 Earn An Income From Your Training.

-Join the Professional Directory:

Be Listed In The Professional Directory For Free.

-Join The Professional Team:

Join & Connect with Other Professionals from All Over the World.

-Find Stakeholders:

Find Potential Clients, Business Contacts and Employees.

-Knowledge Sharing:

Community Involvement by Sharing Your Expertise with Students and Professionals to Assist with Career Development.

How Do I Join?

Please Send Us Your Information To Team@EmpoweredProfessionals.Ca Covering The Following:

-Resume/LinkedIn – Covering Your Professional Experience.

-Your Company and Professionals Information – Website/s and Social media information.

-If you would like to conduct a workshop or seminar.

-Please let us know if you have prior experience conducting seminars or workshops.

-Indicate if you want to offer a Free Live Stream Seminar or Workshop to attract more participants.

-If you would like to charge money for the workshop or seminar and if so, what is the market price for the seminar and workshop you are offering.

-Duration of the workshop or seminar.

-Description, list of topics/ content you will cover  during the workshop or seminar.

We Will Review The Information And Let You Know:

-If you are selected to Join Our Professional Team.

-We will provide further information related to conducting a workshop/seminar with us.

The Two Available Options:

Paid Workshop or Seminar

-We will inform you the percentage per participant that we will charge for our services provided if it is a paid workshop or seminar.

-You will be required to record a ‘Free Pre-Training’ video to publish on our website and social media to attract participants. Our team will assist you with the video at no cost to you.

Free Workshop or Seminars

If you are interested to offer a FREE Live Stream Seminar (Should be: 1 Hour or less) to attract more participants in the future for paid seminars or workshops.

– This service is offered at no charge for you with an intention to promote your training programs.

-We will setup the platform for you to offer the Seminar on multiple platforms. It will be streamed Live on our social media pages; Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. You are welcome to share the videos on your platforms as well.

-We will advertise to the participants viewing of the upcoming free or paid seminars and workshops you will be offering on our platform. We will provide a direct link to your seminars and training page.

Questions? Our Admin Team Is Here to Help