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What is 'Online Career Linkz Network'

Online Career Linkz Network is a Recruiting Network created for the following benefits :

Effective Approach To  Find Potential Candidates:

We offer Video Resumes of Candidates For Employers To Make An Effective Decision.

Professional Directory:

Directory Includes Video Resumes Of Professionals From Variety Of High Demand Job Categories.

Faster Decision Making:

Cut Down on Time Spent on Tedious Video & Call Interviews.

Direct Contact:

Get Direct Contact To Potential Candidates.

Professional Qualifications & Skills:

Find About Latest Skills, Qualifications & Tips From Professional Candidates.

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Young Asia businessman using laptop talk to colleagues about plan in video call while smart working from home at living room. Self-isolation, social distancing, quarantine for corona virus prevention.

Why Join The Online Career Linkz Network For Employers?

  • It is a known fact that going over resumes to find a potential candidate is a tedious task.
  • Our Online Career Linkz Network includes the following to help employers to decide on a potential candidate in an effective and timely manner.
    • Video Resume – Job seekers will share key points of their resumes themselves via video.
    • Professional Profile – You will see written details of their professional resume for further review.
    • Contact Details – Contact the job seeker directly.
    • Social Media – Job seekers have the option to share their social media pages.

Additional Service:

  • Interview & Short Listing – Our team at Empowered Professionals will help to interview and short list your candidates. This service is offered at a nominal fee. Please contact us for further information.

Professional Categories Listed:

 Education and Training

 Engineering and Mathematics

 Business Management, Human Resources & Administration

 Finance & Accounting

 Health Science


 Information Technology

 Law & Immigration


 Marketing, Sales and Service

How It Works:

STEP 1: Please fill out the form below to find out if our ‘Online Career Linkz’ services will meet your organizational requirements.

STEP 2: After the verification process is completed our team will email you if our services meet your requirements.

STEP 3: Please purchase the Online Career Linkz – Employer Membership to become a Member and gain access to the Job Candidate Directory.

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  • To become a member please purchase the Online Career Linkz Employer Membership for an annual subscription fee of: $129.
  • You are welcome to renew the subscription for the next year by contacting us.
  • The Payment will be via PayPal.
  • There will be no refunds or cancellations after the purchase.
  • Tax will be included as per your location (province or territory) in Canada.