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Free Service To Businesses And Professionals Based In Canada:

  • This is a FREE Service Offered to Registered Businesses & Professionals Based in Canada.
  • Through this service our intention at EmpoweredProfessionals is to assist Canadian Business Owners and Professionals to support and learn from one another to build a stronger economy.

International Businesses: Please click here to find out how you could advertise your business in the Canadian market.

Why Join The Professional Network Free Advertising For Canadian Businesses

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Be Listed In The Canadian Professional Linkz Network For Free.

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Advertise Your Products/Services For Free.

Widen Your Audience & Maximize Your Profits:

Designated Professional Page Will Be Created For You To Grow Your Network.

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Your Professional Page will be Search Engine Optimized To Get More Visitors.

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Join & Connect with Other Professionals From All Over the World.

Find Stakeholders:

Find Potential Clients, Business Contacts and Employees.

Knowledge Sharing:

Community Involvement by Sharing Your Expertise.

Finding Employment:

Share Your Professional Page with Potential Employers To Showcase Your Depth of Knowledge, Skills & Talents.

Free Service:

We Provide This Service For Free To Registered Canadian Businesses & Professionals.

How It Works:

STEP 1: Please fill in the form below with your company/professional information.

STEP 2:We will review the information and let you know if you are selected to be part of the Professional Linkz Network.

STEP 3:If you are selected, you will receive an email from our team with 5-8 questions customized for you which you will answer during the recording session. The email will also include details  regarding the scheduling of the recording session of the video.

STEP 4:After the video recording session, our professional team will edit your video to increase its marketability and create a short introductory video for promotional purposes.

STEP 5:A dedicated Professional Profile Page will be created for you with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) including your details, company details and the knowledge sharing video. You are welcome to share your professional page with your network.

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