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Fast & Effective Video Recruiting Network To Find Your Potential Candidate

Find Your Next Career

Online Career Linkz Network is a Recruiting Network created for the following benefits :

Effective Approach To  Find Potential Candidates:

We offer A Professional Profile Including Video Resumes of Candidates For Employers To Make An Effective Decision.

Free Professional Directory For Job Seekers:

We Create A Free Comprehensive Professional Page For Each Job Seeker to Find A Job Faster.

High Demand Professional Directory:

Directory Includes Professionals From Variety Of High Demand Job Categories.

Faster Decision Making:

Cut Down on Time Spent on Tedious Video & Call Interviews.

Direct Contact:

Get Direct Contact To Potential Candidates & Employers.

How It Works:

STEP 1: Join Online Career Linkz For Free & Create Job Seeker Professional Profile with us. Please find more information here

STEP 2: Search & find the job you are interested to apply to.

STEP 3: Fill in the form available in the job posting.

STEP 4: We will send your information to the Employer.

STEP 5: If you are a good fit, the Employer will be directly in contact with you.

Use of Online Career Linkz Network:

  • Any correspondence or  contract established between a ‘Employer’ and a ‘Professional Candidate’ is your  own sole responsibility and it is independent of EmpoweredProfessionals.
  • It is up to a Employer’s discretion to make the decision to hire a candidate.
  • Any decision or action made by the Employer and a ‘Potential Candidate’ is entirely at the discretion of that individual.

Search For Your Job We Wish You The Best!