Grow Your Audience Partner With Us

If you are a professional who is a specialist or a leader in your field of work or a business owner and like to share your knowledge with other fellow professionals and other business owners we welcome you to partner with us:

You Can Offer a Training By:

– Conducting A Seminar

– Conducting A Workshop

– Conducting A Webinar

Difference Between A Workshop And Seminar:


Hands-on In-person or Online training which includes group training material.

May last half a day, full day or up to 3 days


 Online or Onsite Presentation.

May last 1-2 hours.

How You Benefit By Joining The Professional Team:

By Offering Seminars or Workshops at EmpoweredProfessionals You Will:

-Partner With EmpoweredProfessionals:

Grow & Diversify Your Network By Partnering With Us.

-Advertise Your Webinar/Seminar/Workshop:

We Will Help Build The Audience For Your Event.

-No Upfront Costs:

No Hidden Fees. We Only Get Paid When We Get Sales From The Training.

-Earn An Income:

Charge A Fee From The Participants And Earn An Income.

-Join the Professional Linkz Network For Free:

Join & Connect with Other Professionals from All Over the World.

-Find Stakeholders:

Find Potential Clients, Business Contacts and Employees.

-Knowledge Sharing:

Community Involvement by Sharing Your Expertise with Students and Professionals to Assist with Career Development.

How Do I Join?

-Please fill in the form below.

We Will Review The Information And Let You Know:

-If you are selected to Join Our Professional Team.

-We will provide further information related to conducting a workshop/seminar with us.

Join The Professional Linkz Network For Free

-We will create a ‘Professional Page’ for you on Professional Linkz Network before the event for free.

-Please see the procedure to join the network:

Conducting The Event: 2 Options Available:

Paid Workshop/Seminar/Webinar

-We will inform you the percentage per participant that we will charge for our services provided if it is a paid workshop or seminar.

-You will be required to record a ‘Free Pre-Training’ video to publish on our website and social media to attract participants. Our team will assist you with the video at no cost to you.

-For paid events, we will look after the payment system for you so that you could concentrate on the event content.

-Participants will be able to purchase the ticket to your event from our website.  The collected event proceeds will be transferred to you before/after the event as per our mutual agreement.

Free Workshop/Seminar/Webinar

If you are interested to offer a FREE Live Stream Seminar (Should be: 1 Hour or less) to attract more participants in the future for paid seminars or workshops.

– This service is offered at no charge for you with an intention to promote your training programs.

-We will advertise to the participants viewing of the upcoming free or paid seminars and workshops you will be offering on our or your platform. We will provide a direct link to your seminars and training page.

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