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This Service is For Professionals, Leaders, Specialists & Business Owners.

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Why Choose Us:

  • We understand that you are busy with full time commitments in running your business. We will help you to create your professional web content.
  • We offer affordable packages to assist any type of business budget to stay up to date with professional content.
  • ProfessionalLinkz is a trusted partner to create Knowledge based videos amongst a wide scope of professional categories in the Canadian and Global business landscape.

Let Us Edit Your Professional Videos For You:

  • You joined our Professional Linkz Knowledge Based video free service series and you would like a copy of the edited video with your company details to use in your social media platforms/website.
  • You would like us to edit  professional videos for your website or social media pages (ie YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc) with full rights to you.
  • You would like us to edit training/workshop videos for your course creation.
  • You would like us to edit any type of video for commercial use.

How It Works:

STEP 1: Please fill in the form with your requirement.

STEP 2: Our team will contact you  to discuss your requirements.

STEP 3: Please Purchase the package as per your requirement.

STEP 4: We will edit your video as per the package chosen.

STEP 5: We will send you  the finalized video copy for you to use in your platforms.


  • The payment should be placed as a One-Time Payment before the commencement of the work.
  • Tax will be included as per your location (province or territory) in Canada.
  • International Clients will not be required to pay taxes.

Packages Available



✔Send us the recorded video and we will edit it for you.

✔The Price is quoted for a Video with Maximum duration of 15 Minutes. If your video has a longer duration please fill out the customized form below.

✔Receive A Copy Of the Edited Knowledge Based Video For You to Use In Your Company Website and Platforms.

✔Include A Title Page (Not a Video Introduction) And Information Page With Your Company Information and Logo.

✔Price Includes Up to 2 Edits To The Video Content.



✔Includes All Options From The Bronze Package.


✔Receive a Customized Intro Video Clip with Your Company Logo And Name To Include At The Beginning of The Knowledge Based Video To Attract More Views And Potential Clients.

✔You Have The Choice Between Receiving The Full Edited Video or Separate Video Clips Covering Each Topic.

✔Choose One Customized Thumbnail From 3 Options Provided.



✔You can provide us with your recorded video or we could record your video for you.

✔We will edit the video as per your requirement.

✔We could include an ‘Intro Video’ customized for your company.

✔You will have Full Rights to the video.

✔Please fill out the form below to receive a quote.

Options Available:




Choosing An Intro Video:

  • You will be given a choice of 3 Customized Intro Video productions from which you can choose ONE video. You could request from the following edits to select your ‘Your Intro Video’:
      • Select the Intro Video you like from a choice of 3 customized videos.
      • Select the Background Music you like to use for your video from a choice of 3 background music.
      • Select  ‘The Intro Heading’ from the 3 choices
      • Select ‘Your Contact Information’ from the 3 choices.
  • The price includes One Intro Video. If you like more than ONE Intro video, there will be a fee per additional intro video from the 3 choices provided to you.

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Frequent Video Editing:

  • Frequent publishing of content on social media platforms is vital to widen your business scope, stay current and maximize your profit.
  • We offer affordable weekly and monthly packages to assist businesses to stay up to date with professional content.
  • Visit Professional Video Editing – Monthly  for further information.