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Partner With Us To Assist Your Clients Find A Job Faster

This Service is Offered To Job Seekers Based In Canada.

Why Partner With Us

Join ‘The Professional Job Directory’ to find a job faster through the use of technology & media. Your clients will receive the following services:

Get Listed In The Online Career Network:

Include Your Free Professional Profile To Get Noticed By Your Potential Employer.

Receive A Video Resume:

We will Create A Video Resume To Include In Your Professional Page.

Make a Lasting First Impression:

Assist Employer to Assess and Gauge your Skills & Experience Via Video Resume & Your Professional Profile.

Share Your Professional Profile:

Share Your Professional Profile Directly with Potential Employers/Recruiters When Applying For A Job.

Viewing Your Profile:

Your Professional Profile will be Password Protected. Your profile can be accessed by you, people you share the page with and Employers/Recruiters looking for Candidates on our Career Network.

Service Offered To Employment Organizations Based In Canada:

  • Traditional methods of searching for a job through word resumes are becoming redundant due the highly competitive nature of the job market in recent times.
  • EmpoweredProfessionals offer a Career Linkz Platform for Job Seekers in Canada to find employment faster through the use of media & technology.
  • We assist for profit and not for profit employment & immigration organizations to help their clients find a job faster  and help build a stronger Canadian economy.
  • After we create a unique professional page for your clients, they should share the page with potential employers and recruiters to help them stand out from the rest of the candidates to find a job faster.

Free Service:

  • There is no Fee to partner with us.

Professional Categories:

Your clients should fall into any of the following Professional Categories to submit a request to be included in the Online Career Linkz Directory.

 Education and Training

 Engineering and Mathematics

 Business Management, Human Resources & Administration

 Finance & Accounting

 Health Science


 Information Technology

 Law & Immigration


 Marketing, Sales and Service

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