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This is a Free Service Offered To Employers Based In Canada.

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Employers are Welcome to Send in Job Postings to be Published for Free.

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 Profiles of Potential Candidates will be Emailed To Employers.

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Each Candidate’s Profile will include A Video Resume for Employers to make an Effective & Timely Decision.

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You Will Be Given Direct Contact With Potential Candidates & Have Access To the Candidates Written Resume.

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Employers are welcome to send in their job posting if it falls under the following professional categories.

 Education and Training

 Engineering and Mathematics

 Business Management, Human Resources & Administration

 Finance & Accounting

 Health Science


 Information Technology

 Law & Immigration


 Marketing, Sales and Service

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STEP 1: Please fill in the form below with the job information.

STEP 2: We will send an email confirmation with your job posting after it is published.

STEP 3: You will receive Professional Profiles of potential candidates to the  email provided for free.

Free Service To Employers Based In Canada:

  • This is a FREE Service Offered to ‘Employers’ based in Canada.
  • Through this service our intention at EmpoweredProfessionals is to support Employers to find a potential candidate in an effective and timely manner through the use of media and technology and help build a stronger Canadian economy.

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