Advice From A Human Resource Specialist – Carine Lacroix

Professional Profile:

Carine Lacroix is the founder and CEO of Reneshone Corp., a Canadian human resources consulting firm powered by facts and data which focuses on employee engagement for organizations of 5-3,000 employees.

Carine is one of the 300 million native French speakers spread across 5 continents. Fluently bilingual, she brings 16 years of experience, and most of it as an in-house HR professional and as an outside HR consultant. She also brings a passion for helping people thrive and helping organizations flourish and overcome the inevitable challenge of employee engagement. Organizations characterized by high levels of employee engagement are cultures where: people are rewarded in a fair way, people are connected, people are empowered, all the voices are heard, inclusive leadership is a norm, employee turnover is low, conflicts are resolved, and business growth is undeniable.

She is of rare things an HR expert who truly understands numbers and the correlation of business and revenue optimization. With a broad, unique skill set, she has built a solid track record driving solid results for clients and employees through many aspects of HR including total rewards, talent acquisition, HR advisory, employee relations and data analysis. She believes that we can only effectively manage what we can understand and what we can measure; and if we can measure it, we can achieve it. Another of Carine’s greatest gifts is her ability to bring people together in a spirit of harmony and synergy. Known as an expert in her field, Carine has been featured and/or interviewed by the media numerous times. That includes: The Globe and Mail, Workplace Today Magazine, The Lawyer’s Daily, CBC radio Canada, L’Express.

In addition to HR expertise, Carine’s most recent position before starting her own consultancy was as International Vice President Business Development at PLC Group, where she transformed how PLC Group penetrates new international markets and industries. Responsible for influencing diverse people around the globe, she focused on business development best practices while nurturing a collaborative and inclusive culture.

Carine holds two master’s degrees, one in management, and one in economics. She is also a member of WorldatWork, a global HR association that “serves, educates and inspires those who reward and engage the workforce”.

Contact Details:

Carine Lacroix

Reneshone Corporation

Founder & CEO

T: (905) 491-6787



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Video Content:

0:09 Minutes – Introduction

00:40 Minutes – Services Provided

01:13 Minutes – Why is HR important?

04:43 Minutes – Characteristics of Engaged Employees

05:39 Minutes – How Companies Negatively Affect Employee Engagement

06:52 Minutes – How To Maximize Employee Engagement

07:46 Minutes – Top Traits Of An Inclusive Leader

09:21 Minutes – Top Traits Of A Successful Leader – Knowledge Shared

10:43 Minutes –  How To Build A Successful Business – Tips Shared

12:43 Minutes – Tips on Preparing for An Interview – For Job Seekers

14:50 Minutes – Tips on Performing Well In Interviews – For Job Seekers

17:27 Minutes – Advice To Business Owners – Knowledge Shared



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