Becoming A Beauty Consultant – Shirley Yiu

Professional Profile:

Shirley Yiu started her profession in the beauty industry as a Beauty Consultant eight years ago and she is a Custom Blend Specialist, Certified MBBA Salon Consultant and Motives Certified Trainer.

Company Details: Inspire Beauty Co
Customized beauty experience like no other: Inspire Beauty helps you create your own foundation, concealer, lip stains, blush, eye brow pomade and much more. Team of certified custom blend artists will walk you through a one-on-one consultation to create a personalized beauty product just for you! Mixing pigments and high quality mineral-based ingredients to create your unique shade. And these are  talc-free, oil-free, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic? You can also add serums and skincare ingredients to create a beauty product that is actually GOOD for your skin.
Inspire Beauty, also offer DIY Workshops and private events for those who want a personalized experience with their selected few – perfect for bridal showers, girls night, birthdays or just another reason to have fun and feel beautiful.
The team also has a team of Certified Salon Consultants who specialize in servicing small to medium size businesses within the beauty industry who wants to increase their client loyalty and experience by implementing customized cosmetics – exclusive to their business.
Contact Details:
Please Contact The Inspire Beauty Team:
-To Obtain Customized Makeup Products
-Get Information On The 3-Step Training To Become A Beauty Consultant
-Get Information & Training on How Salon/Spa Owners Could Become A Partner & Have Access to All Skincare, Beauty & Makeup Products At Cost (No Profit Margins Included) and Start your own Retail Distribution.
***When Contacting the Inspire Beauty Consultants on Instagram or Email Please Inform That You have Been Referred By ‘Empowered Professionals’


Video Content:

0:09 Minutes – Introduction

0:46 Minutes – Becoming a Beauty Consultant – Background Story

2:36 Minutes – Obtaining The Skills – Beauty Consultant

3:19 Minutes – Skin Care Tips – Taking Care Of Your Skin

5:10 Minutes – Makeup Tips – Knowledge Shared

6:13 Minutes – Obtaining the Certification – Process Explained to Becoming a Beauty Consultant

7:42 Minutes – How To Get Started – Process To Becoming a Beauty Consultant


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