Guide to Taking Meeting Minutes


Guide to Taking Meeting Minutes For Business

Meetings are necessary for a company to operate.

Your staff members should have an idea on how to take minutes for the following important reasons:

1. Meeting minutes offer legal protection & Structure

Minutes are considered legal documents by auditors, the CRA, and the courts. Legal experts will maintain that if an action isn’t in the minutes, it didn’t happen. Therefore, the minute-taker sufficiently describes how Board members arrived at reasonable decisions.

2. Put Your Plan to Action

Meeting minutes will clarify how, when, why, and by whom decisions were made. It will help to put your ideas into action and also inform the members who could not attend the meeting as to what took place at the meeting.

3. Measure the Performance

This will be an accountability measurement tool to find out if the actions were put into place and how the company benefited from it.

Workshop Outline:

  • Identify Roles- Chair, Minute Taker, Participants
  • What is an Agenda
  • Introducing forms and formats


Workshop Details:

Workshop Instruction: This workshop will be conducted Live-On-Line or Face-To-Face

Duration: 4 hours

Certificate: Presented upon completion

Participant Minimum Group Size: 3

Participant Fee:  $420 per Participant.

Face-To-Face Instruction: This workshop could be conducted at your organization or a location convenient to you at an additional cost.

Program Customization: We are happy to customize our program as per your organizational requirements.

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