Obtaining a Mortgage – Advice to New Immigrants, Job Seekers & Professionals- Samina Kullab

Professional Profile:

I arrived in Canada in 1996 as a landed immigrant. As I started a new life here, I faced various challenges, some that I was not aware of. Buying a home is one among them. However this was the wisest and the most important decision that a newcomer makes. It is from where you can raise a family and make personal achievements.

The most important of all, this is where you  built yourself. Raise your kids and grow yourself. To possess that space which you can call yours, can be stressful and has risks. I have been helping people make the right  decision.  And walk them through the process step by step. Let me help you fund it.

We offer great deals for quite all kinds, new comers and students. If you have been in Canada for 5 years you can qualify.

Our products are mainly for residential and commercial clients, New purchases and Refinances, renewals and many more.

Contact Details:

Samina Kullab

Mortgage Agent

T: 416-992-5136

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Video Content:

0:10 Minutes – Introduction

2:35 Minutes – Services Provided- Help Provided to Newcomers to Canada

4:44 Minutes – Obtaining a Mortgage – Advice to Newcomers to Canada

8:07 Minutes – Becoming a Mortgage Agent – Process Explained

11:00 Minutes – Advice to Mortgage Brokers – Sharing Knowledge Gained

11:56 Minutes – Sharing Interview Tips – Job Preparation

13:01 Minutes – Tips to Finding Employment – List of Resources

16:06 Minutes – Contact Details


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