Starting a Food Blog Business & Sharing Marketing/Networking Tips – Judy Lee

Professional Profile:
I am a Marketing and Communications professional who has worked at CBC, IMAX, PepsiCo and Royal Bank. Currently I am a freelance content writer and social media manager in Mississauga.
Food and baking is my passion that I started a food blog a few months ago called Dish With Judy. I share recipes, travel, and interviews with food-related businesses because I love promoting things I love! Since I have been using Pampered Chef products in my kitchen for years, I recently decided to join the company so I can help make life easier in the kitchen for others.
I’ve also been working on writing children’s stories which I had put on hold while raising the boys. I have also facilitated 14 Vision Board workshops and helped to plan events through volunteer work.
Contact Details:

Judy Lee

Dish With Judy

Bachelor of Arts



Instagram: @dishwithjudy & @judyleemedia

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Video Content:

1:20 Minutes – Starting a Blogging Business Introduction

1:31 Minutes – How to Promote a Business – Sharing Marketing Tips

4:52 Minutes – Is a Website Important – Promoting A Business

7:11 Minutes – Where To Meet Potential Leads – Networking Tips

12:17 Minutes – Qualifications & Skills Required – Starting A Business




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