Tips From An Educator To Professionals & Job Seekers – Rosalin Krieger

Professional Profile:

Rosalin Krieger, MA is an accomplished, empathetic, motivational speaker, writer, editor, transition-clarity coach, mentor and visual artist based in Toronto. She earned an MA in Sociology and Equity Studies at OISE-U of T.

She won the 2013 CBC Radio Metro Morning Writing Prize. Under COVID, her calming, online writing  memoir and business workshops, both 1:1 and in groups, have attracted executives, HR staff and lay people who need clarity, compassion, coaching or mentoring. She educates people about trauma, CPTS (complex or childhood post-traumatic stress), addiction and recovery.

Company Details:

We help stuck newcomers, job seekers, HR staff, team leaders, executives, writers achieve clarity, awareness, direction, confidence and action via guided self-reflection, writing, speaking, one-on-one and in workshops.

Our Value Proposition:

-Holistic, multi-layered, psychological assessments

-Tailored, specialized sessions geared to your needs

-Methodically examining your interior monologue

-Identifying and addressing gaps in your thinking and speaking

-Cultivating self-awareness, confidence and accountability

-A focus on intellectual development and critical thinking

-Decades of professional academic writing, editing, global speaking

-Accepting, working with, normalizing fear and discomfort

-Self-exploration for growth, confidence and action.

-Wide literary, history, social science, knowledge base.

Contact Details:

Rosalin Krieger

Transformative Coaching, Mentoring and Speaking





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Video Content:

00:010 Minutes – Introduction

00:34 Minutes – Tips To Job Seekers & Professionals

02:10 Minutes – People Management – Advice To Employers & Managers

03:35 Minutes – Importance Of Core Values

04:11 Minutes – Advice To Writers – Knowledge Shared

05:08 Minutes – Tips To Performing Well In Public Speaking


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