Cyber Security


Train Your Employees for Cyber Security

Program Description:

The importance of cyber security in business should never be overlooked, as year upon year, cyber attacks are occurring at an alarming rate across the globe.

In the last few decades, technology has become integral to the workplace. As we live in a more technologically-advanced world which, though advantageous, exposes us to heightened risk of cybercrime.

Your money, IT equipment, IT-based services, customer data, and information base are directly at risk in case of a cyber-attack. Information can take on many forms: client lists, customer databases, financial details, customers’ financial details, deals that are either finalized or under consideration, pricing information, product designs, and manufacturing processes.

It is important that your employees are equipped with knowledge on how to detect a cyber attack and to protect your company’s data from outsiders.

Our cyber security seminar is ideal for your employees to protect themselves and your company.

Workshop Outline:

  • Recognize What is Cyber security and why it is important
  • How to recognize a cyber attack
  • Best practices
  • Security updates &changes

Workshop Details:

Workshop Instruction: This workshop will be conducted Live-On-Line or Face-To-Face

Duration: 6 hours

Certificate: Presented upon completion

Participant Minimum Group Size: 3

Participant Fee:  $620 per Participant.

Face-To-Face Instruction: This workshop could be conducted at your organization or a location convenient to you at an additional cost.

Program Customization: We are happy to customize our program as per your organizational requirements.

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