Portrait of young Asia lady with positive expression, arms cross

Tina Li from China

EmpoweredProfessionals Services: Advertise In The Canadian Market - International Businesses

“ We operate a Clothes Manufacturing business in China. I am happy to be given the chance to advertise to the Canadian Market through EmpoweredProfessionals. ”


Johan Mendleson from Newmarket, Ontario

EmpoweredProfessionals Services: Corporate Workshop

“ I run a small business in Newmarket and Ajax, Ontario. For our annual corporate trainings we used to the services of EmpoweredProfessionals on Cyber Security. It was a great educational and insightful experience for us all.  We are going to book another workshop with Empowered soon for our Ajax branch.”

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Peter White from Caledon, Ontario

EmpoweredProfessionals Services: Business Video Card

“ I have been getting paper business cards for the longest time. However, I decided to start using Video Business cards. EmpoweredProfessionals created a fantastic video business card with background music and a voice over. Good work! I highly recommend their services. ”

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Natasha Becker From Markham, Canada

EmpoweredProfessionals Services: Professional Linkz Knowledge Based Videos

“ I run an accounting firm and I am very busy managing the business. I partnered a few months ago with EmpoweredProfessionals to create marketing knowledge based videos monthly. I only need to schedule a 30-minute meeting and present my material for the month. The team at Empowered record, edit and send me the video in HD to publish on my social media pages. Great & Quick Service! I highly recommend it”

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Sushma Sharma from India

EmpoweredProfessionals Services - Online Academy & Online Career Linkz Immigrant Services

“ I am a computer engineer from India and I wanted to migrated to Canada. I was very nervous as I needed to find a job. My immigration consult told me about the services offered by EmpoweredProfessionals. I was able to schedule a call from India and prepare my resume and for the job interview. At the same time I created my profile on Online Career Linkz. As soon as I arrived in Canada I started applying for jobs and I sent my resume, Professional Page with my video resume to several employers. I secured a job within 3 weeks! I highly recommend this company.  ”

Cheerful Korean business lady

Karen Liu from Hong Kong

EmpoweredProfessionals Services: Online Academy

“ I migrated from Hong Kong and I needed help with speaking and presenting in English, accent reduction and preparing for my interview. I had one-on-one classes online with teachers. It helped me gain confidence to face the job market. I have learned a lot, and I highly recommend it. Thank you EmpoweredProfessionals ”

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Anthony Stevens from Ottawa, Canada

EmpoweredProfessionals Services: Online Career Linkz

“ I graduated from University of Ottawa in June and I have been looking for a job for a couple of months. I saw advert on LinkedIn by EmpoweredProfessionals career services. I filled out the form, sent over my resume in as a word doc and I was called in for a recording session for the video resume. The team at EmpoweredProfessionals created my Professional Profile and video resume for me. I used my Professional Page when applying for jobs and I am happy to say I was offered a job at an IT company starting August. I like this service as the Professional Profile is far better than sending a written resume. ”

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Alisa Simsons- Business Owner from Toronto, Canada

EmpoweredProfessionals Services: Professional Linkz

“ I am a Business Owner in Toronto, Canada. I was invited to join Professional Linkz Network by EmpoweredProfessionals to advertise my company for free of charge. As Professional Linkz uses smart SEO software my business gets listed on Google. This advertising helps to promote my business apart from my own company website and social media pages.  If you too are a business owner advertise your business, TRY IT! It’s a no brainer!”