Video Business Card For Professionals Get Noticed By Potential Clients

This Service is Offered To Professionals To Canada and Globally.

Why Purchase A Video Business Card:

Receive A Video Business Card:

Keep Up With The Tech Era & Include Your Video Business Card On Your Business Platforms.

Get Noticed By Potential Clients:

Stand Out From Your Competitors & Attract More Clients.

Direct Advertising:

Directly Promote Your Business & Services To Potential Clients.

Where Can The Video Business Card Be Used:




Why Choose Video Business Cards?

  • Paper Business Cards are now getting redundant.
  • We will create an impressive Video Business Card for you to use on your; Social Media, Website or E-Mail.
  • We offer variety of options to choose from.

How It Works:

STEP 1: Please purchase your Video Business Card.

STEP 2: Please select the Video Business Card Option you like and fill in the form below with your  information.

STEP 3: You will receive an email from our team regarding the scheduling of the recording session of the video and 3-5 questions regarding your professional background and company.

STEP 4: After the video recording session, our professional team will edit your video as per the option chosen to increase its marketability.

STEP 5: Please select ONE Video Card Design and Background Music from THREE options which will be available to you.

-If you choose the voice over option (OPTION 2 or 3), you can choose between a Male or Female voice. We will then send you 3 voice over options as per your voice preference from which you could choose  ONE.

STEP 6: You will receive a copy of Your Customized Video Business Card to use in your business platforms.


  • The Services for the Video Business Card is $89.
  • There will be no cancellations or refunds for this service.
  • There will be tax for Canadians as per your Location/Territory.
  • International clients are not required to pay taxes.

Select The Video Business Card Option You Like From Below:

Option 1:

Include Your Video Introduction

Option 2:

Include A Business Slideshow & Request A Voice Over (Male or Female Voice) To Introduce You

Option 3:

Include Your Business Card & Request A Voice Over (Male or Female Voice) To Introduce You

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